Protect Japanese First Graders!

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Apr 11, 2016 12:27
Protect Japanese First Graders!

In Japan, April is the first month of a school year. Most of the companies also set this month as a beginning of the business year. The entrance ceremonies were held at most ot the elementary schools in Japan on April 6th.

The first graders looked very small. Their appearances looked like chicks. I wonder whether seven-year-old child is such small? Their school bags wich were carried on their backs made them smaller than they really were.

Several days ago, we heard shocking news that a kidnapped girl , who was a seventh grader when she was kidnapped, ran away from a kidnapper's place and police protected her. She came back after she had been kept under house arrest for two years.

This news affected parents and teachers of elementary schools. Normally elementary school children have a custom of wearing name budges on the jacket all the time. They wrote their names on their items in bold letters wich can be read by anyone around them. However if we continue this custom, it will give criminers a chance to get children's full names easily!

This year, most of the elementary school decided a rule that children should not wear name budges outside schools. They also announced children should write their names on the hidden part of their school items.

I hope Japanese cute, chick-like first graders can enjoy their new shool life without feeling the danger of being kidnapped.

Lastly, I hope the poor kidnapped girl can start over her new life and regain everything which had been taken away from her for two years. God bless her.

Thank you very much for reading