Mitsuko Part 3

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Apr 27, 2016 13:19
Mitsuko Part 3

It was many years ago that I first heard of her as a Japanese woman of former days, who married a Count and moved to Europe and spent the rest of her life there. At that time, I only learned how she lived in Austria.

This time, I learned more interesting and romantic information about their marriage. Count Coudenhove's love was passion itself. He was almost blind for love. He loved a seventeen-year-old Japanese girl blindly. It was almost a kidnap. If we just hear this fact, we naturally jump to a conclusion that he was a very unruly person.

This is just my own view that his action was due to his traumatic idea toward love and marriage. He himself was a very intelligent and high-minded person. However he experienced a sad love affair with a french girl before. He gave up her because his family didn't allow it. They said they can't admit a foreign woman who is a commoner. In the end, she committed a suicide. After this incident, he seemed to have determined to marry a woman he love at any cost! He was determined to keep his lover all the time and not to allow anyone to harm her. He didn't want to loose his lover again! What a pure love story! I'm impressed very much.

At first, Count welcomed her as a housekeeper who took care of him. I think he treated her gently and Mitsuko also came to love him as time went by. They loved each other. Count did not return her to her family because her family didn't allow their marrige. However this is already within his expectations. He didn't care it.

He announced that Mitsuko is his wife and she is a fine "Countess Coudenhove" to his foreign friends in Japan. He also said,
"If anyone will harm or speak ill of my wife, I'll fight a duel with you. Promise me that you will always treat her as "Countess Coudenhove" with respect."

Mitusko was truly loved by him!

Thank you very much for reading.
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