Ogasawara Islands' Very Strange History!

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May 27, 2016 08:52
Ogasawara Islands' Very Strange History! Part 1

I learn a lot of interesting information from foreign users' entries on Lang-8. Today's topic is inspired by one of such interesting stories.

I read local diarects spoken in Ogasawara (小笠原諸島) islands. His story said that their language is a misture of English and Japanese language. I'm very surprised.
However, I remembered one incredible story at the same time. That was a traditional dance in somewhere on a Japanese isolated island. To my surprise, the dance (南洋踊り)looked like Hawaiian dance. They wore grass skirts and bras of coco nuts. Music was different from Hawaiian melody but the relics were far from Japanese language. I heard ancestors of Ogasawara people came from Micronesia. That's why their culture has a lot in common with Micronesian culture. I've forgotten this story for a long time. I thought Ogasawara people's language might be very different from standard Japanese language.

I soon checked it on Wikipedia. I read a very interesting story on that page. According to Wikipedia, Ogasawara islands had been untouched by Japanese government for a long time. In 1862, the Tokugawa shogunate started to govern this island. Until then, Japan didn't know the worth of islands. In old days, Japanese people thought isolated islands were useless and the least merit of them is to use them as places of exile. So, they ignored Ogasawra islands for such a long time.

Thank you very much for reading

小笠原諸島のとても不思議な歴史 パート1






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