The Daredevil Festival-Onbashira!

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Apr 14, 2016 11:07
The Daredevil Festival-Onbashira!

There are some dangerous festivals in the world. I think the "Running of the Bulls Festival" in Spain is very dangerous. I always worry because the guys being attached by the crazy bull look as if they were killed. It is a crazy scene. I'd like to introduce one Japanese festival which is as dangerous as the"Running of the Bulls". This festival is getting more and more famous in Japan every year because it is very danger and scary. All the people view this festival while hoping that anyone will not die in the festival. Before, unfortunately there were not a few victims in total.

The crazy and dangerous festival is called "Onbashira 御柱". It means something like "The Sacred Giant Trees".

It is a local festival in Nagano prefecture. It is a shrine ritual which has about 1,200- year-old history. In ancient times, people symbolized giant trees as gods of nature and honor sacred spirituality.

I explain a little about this festival. This festival is held once every 7 years. 16 giant trees were cut down for this festival. They have to be about seventeen meters long, 1 meter in diameter weighing in around 10 tons. They are really giant!

Some men who are called "ujiko 氏子" , local people who dedicates for the shrine, ride on the giant tree and around 1,000 ujiko men pull the tree. The giant tree with the men on it glide down the steep hill, which has an angle of 35 degrees and is 100 meters long.

Every year, a few ujiko men were slightly or seriously injured. Depending on the year, there were victimes who died by crushing death. It is very scary to watch ujiko guys who fall from the gliding tree. They could be caught under the heavy tree and be crushed! It is horrible! But ujiko men never care about loosing their lives every year. I think they are daredevils.

If you have a lot of free time, I hope you enjoy viewing this scary festival. Don't worry! Every ujiko is fine this year! hahaha Just relax and enjoy it, please.


Thank you very much for reading.

世界には、危険な祭りがあります。スペインの牛追い祭りは、とても危険だと思います。狂った牛に襲われた人は、もう、死んでしまったのではないか、そのように見えます。もう、狂っていますよ!その牛追い祭りと同じくらい危険な日本の祭りを紹介したいと思います。この祭りは、日本で、年々、どんどん有名になっています。なぜって、とっても、危険で怖いからです。観客は、祭りで誰も死にませんようにと祈りながら、この祭りを見ます。残念ながら、過去に, 総計で数えれば、かなりの数の犠牲者が出ています。