Japanese Mistery Novels

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May 22, 2016 22:18
Japanese Mistery Novels

When I watch American TV dramas, the most frequently heard expressions is something like, "We aren't Scully and Mulder. We can't solve the answer of mystery."
I couldn't know what this meant for a long time because I hadn't watched "The X-files" before.

I still haven't watched it so much though, I know they are FBI special agents now.

If you watch Japanese dramas, you might come across some expressions referring to Japanese famous mystery Novels.

So, I would like to introduce three mystery writers who are very popular in Japan.
Firstly, the writer is Edogawa Rampo. His pen name comes from Edgar Allan Poe. Rampo's novels are often called "Gothic novel". There are many bizarre and erotic stories. However he also wrote good detective stories for children.

Secondary, Matsumoto Seicho is often said that he created a new genre in crime fiction. We can learn real crimes and social problems in the past days of Japan through his novels. After reading his novels, I always feel I became three times more inteligent. His novels are always dramatized on TV.

The third writer and I like best of all is Yokomizo Seishi. When we read his novels, we have to enjoy his novels as just fictions. There are many cruel and ghastly murder cases. They are very horrible. We should not take these stories seriously. His novels are full of fantasies and local legends. His novels were made into movies many times. Many people are enthusiastic fans of his movies. So when we are in an old creepy, we often say, "犬神家みたい~~。This is just like Inugami family's house!” "The Inugami Family" was the biggest hit of his movies. If you want to be scared, it is worth watching! I like this movie best too!

Thank you very much for reading!