Sakura Festival

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Apr 4, 2016 18:29
Sakura Festival

Sakura viewing at Ueno Park in Tokyo is very famous, though. I think you don't have to go to Ueno Park to enjoy sakura viewing. In Japan, sakura trees are planted in most of the parks, along the river banks and along the main road which stretches from the big station. You can see beautiful sakura flowers everywhere.

You sure can enjoy a breath-taking view if you are under the hundreds of sakura trees. But it is also a dreamy time to stand under a single sakura tree.

In sakura viewing, the most important thing is just take many photos by your eyes and keep them in your mind. If you are under the sakura trees, please just stroll along the streets.

You see many groups who spread blue plastic sheets and enjoy drinking and eating while sitting on them. You don't have to challenge such a behavior. I enjoy sakura viewing every year, I never do it. Most Japanese people don't do it. We just stroll with our families or friends.

I'm very surprised that many foreigners are challenging 'a picnic under sakura trees' this year. According to the TV news, the number of foreign visitors is larger than that of Japanese visitors at Ueno Park. I'm very surprised! We just stroll in Ueno Park, but some foreigners touch the branches or break them. Some worst people climb the sakura trees. Of course, touching, breaking, climbing are strictly prohibited.

Well, today, I watched a short live- broadcasting from another famous Sakura viewing spot, 権現堂堤 gongendou river bank, in Saitama. I've visited there a few times. You can see pink clouds and showers of sakura petals, and yellow carpet of field flowers. This place is very beautiful. So, please enjoy a few photos.

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