Mitsuko Part 1

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Apr 21, 2016 18:26
Mitsuko Part 1

Last night, I was letting my mind wander for some time because the updated news about the Kyushu earthquake were all depressing. When I am in a daze, I make it my custom to google some people whom I've been interested in for many years.

The people whom I think are very interesting are Kaspar Hauser, Empress Elisabeth of Austria and Mitsuko Aoyama. I have such a list of more people whom I want to know more. Anyway, I often google these three people to kill times for no special reason.

Last night, I checked Mitsuko. She was a famous woman who married a foreiger when international marriage was very rare. The marriage of Lafcadio Hearn and Setsu was 1891 and this was considered to be the first international marriage in Japan.

Mitsuko at seventeen married Count Coudenhove-Kalergi, a diplomat of Austria-Hungary in 1893. She became Countess! It's a Cinderella story!!

To be continued!

Thank you very much for reading!