Case Closed?

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May 13, 2016 14:48
Case Closed?

I like any kind of "Mystery". I mean novels, dramas, movies and urban legends. Especially when I figure out the message or meaning which is hidden behind the story, I like that moment best!

Yesterday, as chance would have it, I figured out my question while I was watching "The History of LOUIS VUITTON and its Bags" on TV. My question was why Ingrid Bergman used a drawstring bag in the classic movie, "Gaslight"(1944).

I watched it this April for the first time. I was very happy because I had often heard it's a very good movie but I han't had a chance to watch it in my life. In the movie, she acted a role of a very rich woman. I imagined she would use a bag which is similar to bags we use now. Why did she used a drawstring cloth bag? It was a mystery for me.

After watching TV, I learned that our-type female hand bags were invented when automobiles were invented. According to the TV, ladies needed to put their sunglasses and gloves in a hard bag when they drove automobiles. So, the time of "Gaslight" was the time of "Carriage" before the appearance of automobile. That's the reason!

Now, I wanted to figure out the real time of "Gaslight", but I couldn't. Nothing about real time was written in Wikipedia.

Judging from the design of the dress Ingrid Bergman wore, I found out the time might be around 1830 or later. I checked the history of female dress in Europe and I learned waist line was much higher than our waist line before 1830. The waist line of Ingrid's dress is same as our waist lines! Gaslight was invented the 1790's. It quickly spread into service in the 1810's. Hmmm another mystery was born. Haha. In the movie, gaslight seemed to be a new technology back then. Hmmm, it is difficult to figure out the real time of "Gaslight".

Thank you very much for reading!