Replace the infinitives in brackets by the Present Perfect or the P...

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Jan 31, 2019 23:33
Replace the infinitives in brackets by the Present Perfect or the Past Simple.
(The infinitives have already replaced. Need to check the correctness of sentances)

1. Have you ever been to this picture gallery? – Yes? I have visited it once when a youth, and the pictures made a great impression on me. Since then I haven’t been here.
2. Have you already seen the new film? Yes, I managed to see it yesterday. I went to the cinema in the evening and got two tickets quite easily.
3. Have you always drawn books from our library? – Yes, as a rule I’ve drawn. Last year I went to another library but I haven’t found as good as this one. I have drawn books from here for some 6 months already.
4. I haven’t seen anything of Helen lately. When did you see her last? - I met her two days ago. I thought that she’s changed very much.
5. Have you had dinner already? – No, not yet. The waiter took my order 15 minutes ago and haven’t brought me anything yet.
6. Have you ever heard Lemeshev sing? – Oh, yeah. He was a splendid singer and a very good actor as well.
7. Where have you gotten this fine new bag from? – My parents gave it to me as a birthday present.
8. She’s just reminded me that we went to school together.
9. I have met Nick this morning at the station.
10. She finished tidying up the flat, then she began cooking dinner.
11. I’ve seen his name in the papers very often of late.
12. They have left just a week ago.
13. Most of the children here have had the flu already.
14. I’ve loved you since I saw you at the party.