Hello everyone!

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May 31, 2019 01:20
Hello everyone!

I continue learning English Modal verbs. Today the topic is “Advice-Criticism”
Now I have a very interesting task. There are 5 situations, and I need to write what would I say in these situations using should, ought to, could, might.
1. Adam can’t find his mobile phone. You think he left it in the car. What do you say to him?
You should look for your phone in the car.
You might have left it in the car.

2. Your brother failed his driving test because he didn’t practise enough. What do you tell him?
You should have practised enough.
You might haven’t practised enough.

3. Your friend is always late for school because she wakes up late. What do you say to her?
You ought to have woke up earlier.
You shouldn’t wake up so late.

4. Your sister wore your new jacket without asking you. What do you say to her?
You could have asked me!
You might haven’t seen that this jacket is mine.

5. Yesterday you waited for your friend for over an hour at the library and he didn’t even call to say he wasn’t coming. What do you say to him?
You could have called me yesterday.

Спасибо за внимание )
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