The modal verb MAY

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May 25, 2019 20:11
Helo everyone!

I think the modal verb MAY is the most difficult modal verb. Actually, I have never used it in my speech. Why? Because I'm afraid of it )))) I always try to use another words for explaining my thoughts and I'm not sure it's proper way.

Anyway, I need to start learn it and finally understand it. And definitely start using it in my speech.
It might be quite tough :)))))

Ok, a few words about the meanings as I understood them:

1. Permission (I may start now (I am allowed to start)
2. Possibility of the fact (I may learn all the modal verbs one day)
3. Prohobition but only with MAY NOT (You may not stop me)
4. For expressing supposition and uncertainty in affirmative sentEnces. In the sentEnces like these the modal verb MIGHT makes the uncertainty somewhat stronger.
5. MIGHT (and only might) is used to express reproach. (She might help me with my homework).
6. For expressing a wish (May you be happy).

Also, there are some expessions:
- "I may/might as well + infinitive" means intention. (I may as well learn the Phrasal verbs)
- "Might just as well" means "it would be equally good to" (I learn the modal verbs with a teacher. - You might just as well learn it by yourself)

Now I'm gonna practice with them. I have got a few sentences in Russian I have to tranclate into English using the modal verb MAY/MIGHT.

1. Можете зайти к нам после семи, если хотите.
You may come across after 7 o'clock if you like.

2. Ты могла бы по крайней мере посоветоваться с сестрой.
You might have consulted with your sister at least.

3. Где же мой паспорт? - Возможно, ты забыл его дома.
Where is my pasport? - You may forget it at home.

4. Спроси их, можно ли нам тоже пойти с ними в поход?
Ask them may we go to the hike with them too?

5. Вы возможно слышали его имя. Он известный ученый.
You may hear his name. He is afamous scientist.

6. Он возможно хотел мне об этом сказать, но не нашел времени.
He might have told me about that but he had no time.

7. Возможно они уже едут сюда и будут здесь через несколько минут.
They may be coming here already and they will be here in a few minutes.

Фух! Are you tired? I am.
Thanks for reading )