It's the 11 of February 2019.

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Feb 11, 2019 14:35
It's the 11 of February 2019.

It's still foggy and cold outside. My older daughter has got flu ((( Yeasterday we drove to my parents in neighbor town. There were my sister and her children. We ate vareniki and... sushi ))))))) strange combination, don't you think?)))) My father played the guitar and we sang songs with him. He really can do it! And there Diana was getting fall ill. She had fever. She became pale and had headache. But she will be ok, I'm sure. She stayed at home today - no school on this week.

And now a little practicing with past perfect. Acctually, It is the easy part of the practicing because I just needed to choose the right form of verbs - past simple or past perfect. If I do many mistakes in this exercise It will be terrable )))))

1. He asked me if I had had breakfast.
2. At last she showed me the letter he had written.
3. She was sure that he had never lied to her before.
4. He had known him for ten years, and they played tennis together in Paris.
5. They were married only a few months when they had got up living in London. (Actually, I didn’t understand the meaning of this sentence. What does “to get up living” mean?)
6. He glanced up and down the beach to see if he had left anything.
7. When she entered the house ay dinnertime and found Pete gone, she knew what had happened.
8. He took a room at the hotel where Ann and he had stayed on their first visit to London.
9. He felt that he had written a good report.
10. I understood they had known each other since the war.
11. Talking with him was very easy; just like talking to someone you had known all your life.
12. When he came back to his seat, his manner had changed. He was gentle and kindly.
13. George made no answer, and we found that he had been asleep for some time.
14. Hardly he entered the room when he had switched on the TV set.
15. Just as we had left the phone rang.

Practicing with the new words:

Glance – гл.: мельком взглянуть, быстро просмотреть, взглянуть, глянуть; сущ.: взгляд, быстрый взгляд.
I quickly glanced the exercise I had done yesterday. (Я быстро взглянула на упражнение, которое сделала вчера)
He put his glance on me and went away. (Он кинул на меня свой быстрый взгляд и ушёл)

Manner – сущ.: манера, способ, поведение.
His manner was very defiant. (Его поведение было очень вызывающим)

Have a good day, my friends!