Hello, my friends.

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Feb 6, 2019 17:37
Hello, my friends.
I'm having practice with past tenses. I feel down today, but I have to practice because I have a lot of homework on this week.

So... I wrote few anecdotes (stories). All the anecdotes are fabled but the second one – Philippe really scored the goal in 21st minute, but I’m not sure it was exciting).

• I was playing chess. It was at home. I wanted to win. I changed a figure, which I had lost.
• It was at Arena Stadium last summer. Brazil and Switzerland were playing at the stadium. Philippe Coutinho scored a goal in the 21st minute. It was a beautiful goal, that way I was so exciting.
• I was skiing. I fell because my ski had broken. I hurt my leg. My friend helped me to come down to medical station. I didn’t take too long to recover because it was just a scratch.
• I was at the gym and I saw there Alina Kabaeva. She was doing gymnastics. Alina was wearing in red sport wear. I didn’t speak to her, but I said “Hello!” and she just smiled to me.

Acctually, Philippe scored the goal in 20 minute. But I don't know what the ending of 20 must be... You know, like 21st, 22nd, 23rd..... spell me, please, and I'll correcte the text.

Have a good day!
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