Hello, my friends!

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May 19, 2019 17:59
Hello, my friends!

Today I knew a few quite useful phrasal verbs with PUT. I did an exercise with some of them.
The task is rewrite sentences so that the action are the opposite of the verbs (they are underlined in the textbook). I need to use phrasal verbs with PUT for that.

Example: Please, turn the radio off now. I'm trying to sleep - Please, put the radio on now. There's a programme I'd like to listern to.

Let's go!

1. Could you switch the light on, please, I can't see to read. - Could you put the light out. I'd like to have a nap.
2. They're pulling down those old buildings near the railway station. - They're putting up those buildings near the railway station.
3. The Boy Scouts took their tent down very quickly and loaded it into their bus. - The Boy Scouts put out their tent very quickly.
4. Could we possibly bring our meeting forward to 10 o'clock? - Could we possibly put our meeting back to 10 o'clock?
5. When we moved into our new house we decided to remove an old, rather ugly fireplace. - When we moved into our new house we decided to put up a new, rather beautiful fireplace.
6. Can you turn that CD off, please. I can't concentrate on my work. - Can you put that CD on, please. I want to listern to it.

Thank you very much!
Have a great weekend!
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