Fairy Adygea

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Feb 13, 2019 16:52
Hello, my English friends!

Such an interesting textbook for learning English I have. So many interesting tasks there ))))
Today I need to write a tourist leaflet about some beautiful and interesting places in my country. Ok… I hope you will be interested in reading.
The first one will be about Adygea.

Fairy Adygea.
Are you looking for interesting places for traveling? There are a lot of perfect tourist places in Russia. For example, Adygea Republic situated on the south of our immense homeland.
Adygea Republic is an amazing colourful and blooming region of the Caucasus. A curious traveler can find here everything he wants to – steppes scopes, blooming meadows, green woods, amazing mountains and also incredible amount of turquoise rivers, lakes and waterfalls.
Maybe you don’t guess but Adygea was included into the list of World Natural Inheritance because of its amazing nature side by side with the Baikal Lake and the volcanos of Kamchatka.
There are many places to skiing in wintertime and places for picnics in summertime. If you like walking, then you will be happy to know that there are many canyons, valleys, ravines and monasteries. There are very popular horse ridings in the mountains in Adygea. Extremal person won’t be bored there because there are many extreme amusements too.
So, pack your suitcase and come to Adygea. The great pastime is guaranteed!

P.S. I am going to travel to Adygea in two weeks! Yay! I travel there every year (or twice per year) with my family. I really like this place!

A few photos of Adygea.