Modal Verb MUST (part 1)

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May 24, 2019 17:29
Hello, my friends!

I started learning Modal Verbs. Specifically I have, must and should.
Today I would like to practice with a modal verb MUST.

First of all I would like to list the meanings of this modal verb as I understand them.

1. Obligation or necessity.
(Pupils must obey their teachers.)
If there is no obligation I use NEEDN'T
(You needn't wait for him)

2. Prohibition (mustn't)
(Pupils must not prompt each other)

3. Suppisition.
(Mike must be at home now)
If I speak about the past in this case, I use Perfect Infinitive
(You must have broken your phone. It's out of order)
If I speak about the future, I use another expression TO BE LIKELY
(He is likely to come on Sunday)

4. Emphasis.
In this case using the modal verb MUST seems quite difficult for me )))) But I realise that this using it is like a phrase in Russian ("вот возьми, да и сделай" что-то в неподходящий момент)
(At a time when everybody is in bed he must turn on the wireless. Именно когда все уже спят, он вдруг включил свет (...вот возьми, да и включи...)

Ok. now I have sentances in Russian which I need to translate into English using the verb MUST. Are you ready?))) Let's go!

1. Она должно быть ждет нас в университете.
She must be waiting us at university.

2. Она должна нас ждать в университете.
She must wait us at university,

3. Он, должно быть, живет на юге.
He must be live on the south.

4. Она, должно быть гостит у своих друзей, так как она писала, что проведет свой отпуск у них.
She must be guesting at her friend's place, because she wrote that she's going to spend her vecation there.

5. Они, должно быть, ждут меня, а я никак не могу дать им знать о себе.
They must be waiting for me but I still can't get them know about me.

6. Он, по всей вероятности, забыл, что обещал прийти.
He must be forgot that he had promised to come.

7. "Я должен для него что-нибудь сделать" - подумал Джон
"I must do something for him" John thought.

8. Меня, вероятно, не будут в Москве в июне.
I likely to be absent from Moscow in June.

Thank you for your patience!
Have a good day!