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Jul 8, 2017 12:26
i find that the chinese parent don't know how to express their love and i clearly mean my parent.
i know they love me but the way they love me makes me feel suffocating.
my mother especially, she always get what she want and you have to fulfill her no matter what condition you are in.
just about two days earlier, i was having a fight with my husband and she just break in and ask me to do something not urgent at all.
this sounds ridiculous more as i write it down. after i have done what she asked for and nicely told her that next time please consider my mood, she blamed me for not obey her and give her lectures!

she was not been well treated when she was a child. i always thought being a mother could change that but the reality is how you are treated decides how you treat other person. i don't blame her, i think she does not know what is love and she does not have the ability to feel other people's love.

i love her anyway, i just sometimes don't like her.
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