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Jul 3, 2014 22:59
Hello, guys! How's it going? I'm pretty unorganized, because I'm in the week of exam and gonna take the 英検 on Sunday.

So, today, I'm gonna post something, and I have a question about English so please answer if you're possible.

What do you think about the education of your country? In Japan, we usually have Englidh class in junior high school and senior high school, and so we must major it for six years. In resent elementary school, some of them also have English class.
That is we have took it for a long time, but nevertheless not being able to speak at all are so many.
It's not good, you know??

Please tell me the way to write 少なくとも in English. I wanna add its expression in "in Japan, we usually have〜".
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