Dancing Lessons (1701 Story - Stimmung des geerdeten Alltags 7)

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Oct 14, 2017 05:27 Edelweiß
He also sprinkled a few drops of berry juice on this cheeks, before turning up the volume. The small speakers moaned and started to blare with a rattling sound.

As expected, a moment later, his older brother appeared in the door frame, but instead of complaining, he simply looked at Samuel’s disguise and red cheeks. “What has happened to you?” he asked disconcertedly.

“What does it look like?” asked Samuel, pursing his lips in an unappetising way.

“What it looks like?”, asked Heinrich, still disconcerted. “Like a very, very ugly geisha who once was my little brother,” he moaned. Samuel, however, ignoring the gibe, took his brother’s hand and started stepping in place and in sync with the rhythm of the music. “We shouldn’t let ourselves be intimidated by this announcement of a strange visitor. Let’s rather resume our dancing exercises.” Samuel’s tone of voice was unrelenting. So Heinrich couldn’t help but have himself dragged into the living room which was blasted with Japanese pop songs.
“Wait a moment,” Heinrich objected, prying himself free from Samuel’s iron grasp. He put on one of his grandfather’s sun hats and took a deep bow. Even an ugly geisha deserved courtesy. “If I may,” Heinrich cleared his throat, “ask the ugliest geisha in the whole world for the next dance.” Bursting into laughter, Samuel turned up the volume of the radio even more.

As they were wearing no shoes, it wasn’t too painful when they constantly stepped on each other’s feet while running in different directions or bumping into one another.