Please check my sentence and to be a friend!!!

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Nov 8, 2018 18:40 friend
I don't have any "friend" yet, because I have just started Lang 8.
The reason why I started Lang8 is that I'd like to make friends all over the world.
(Another reason is that I'd like to introduce my town's tourist spots in English.)
I have opportunities to speak with people in English.
I am a self taught artist, so I participate in Design Festa which is a big art event in Asia.
Many visitors visit this event, many visitors from abroad visit, too.
I really enjoy talking with many people in English at this but my English isn't enough.
For studying English, I want to make friends all over the world.
I also teach you Japanese.
Please to be a ”friend”!
Lang 8を始めたばかりなので「フレンド」がいません。
Lang 8を始めた理由のひとつに「世界中に友達をつくる」があります。