Today I practiced English and Japanese with my friend over Skype fo...

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Oct 25, 2018 00:05
Today I practiced English and Japanese with my friend over Skype for the first time after several weeks. She lives in Tokyo, but last month she had to fly back to the US for her assignment.
Our topics always changes frequently. We were talking about the definition of "bisexual" which she found from a psychology book. She mentioned my past trouble. I told her before that I had been involved in a trouble with a woman while I was living in the Philippines.
The woman wasn't aware that she was bisexual or that she was attached to me so strongly. And I was so ignorant that I didn't think I may have been involved in such a trouble: a woman would fall for me, who is much younger and from foreign country. I had been thinking for a long time what I could have done for the problem.
It was not until today that I noticed I've been released from the suffering thought like, "I must have been responsible for that." I was astonished to find that now, I think that you can't help anything with being stalked or followed by someone you don't like. It's not my fault, but just their problems.
When I said to my friend, "I didn't know why I had to ask her for a permission to go eat durians at the market on Friday night with someone else", I realised how funny I may sound and I laughed a lot.
I lived in Davao in Mindanao, on the southern island of the Philippines. Davao is famous for its durian products. Have you ever eaten durians? They are very stinky fruits. Some taxi drivers would refuse to pick you up if you are carrying durians. I've seen a sign "No durian" before. Not many people like that fruit, but I do. I went to the market with my friends and had dinner at a good fish stand. And then, we strolled around the dark Durian Street (this is the place's name) for good durians. The fruit stand gave us a plastic apron, a pair of plastic gloves and a hatchet. We split durians on the street and ate them. It was fun. Right after I put the photo of durians on Facebook, that made the woman mad.
Now the memory just makes me laugh, but doesn't suffer me anymore.