On Fridays I meet my friend.

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Jun 16, 2017 01:39
On Fridays I meet my friend. It is like our promise. Only during my stay in the Philippines we didn't meet up. After coming back to my home town, we resumed our meeting on Friday afternoon in a small cafe near the station. Now she lives in a foreign country, however, the time difference between us is only one hour. We still talk each other on Fridays.
We have the book called "蹴りたい背中"" respectively, written by Risa Wataya who is a famous young author in Japan. My friend once attended a talk show of her, since then, she has been interested in her books. Her books are not easy at all. So we read little by little every week. When I explain about words, I hardly use English. I try to explain about difficult words in easier, other expressions in Japanese. I really enjoy reading with her.
I just finished my preparation for tomorrow. Tomorrow, we will reach the scene that explains why this book was named "蹴りたい背中 / the back I want to kick". How does my friend feel about? I will hear what she though about the scene. Thinking of it makes me happy.