I'm currently listening to some songs by my walkman while walki...

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Jul 26, 2018 00:13
I'm currently listening to some songs by my walkman while walking, and trying to figure out which ones are good for an exercise.
At the end of August and also in September, our students go to the main campus in Aioi for schooling. Most of them live far from Aioi. During the schooling, they are encouraged to join extracurricular activities when they have no classes. I will teach stretching in that programme. This summer there will be not so many attractive activities, so I'm afraid that I might get too many participants. I'm not a P.E. teacher, so I'mo not used to teaching stretching to a large number of group, and teaching physical exercises isn't my field at all.
However, selecting songs is a fun task for me, and organising an activity like this too. I mean, planning an activity in the realm of my hobbies can be fun.
I think that I should add some dance parts, because a class of stretching only would be good for adults, but not for teenagers. So, I want some songs with stout rhythms. What I don't want to play in my class is something like that reminds you of cafes or second hand shops. Unfamiliar, not so popular songs should be fine. Unfortunately, I don't watch TV or go to movie, so I don't know which songs are popular. I want to avoid them.