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Jul 20, 2019 06:34 training 関西教育ICT展
I'm looking forward to going to an event called "The Kansai Educational ICT Exhibition" which will take place in Osaka in August. This event is an annual exhibition for teachers. Many companies show their teaching materials and new tools for both teachers and students. You can also attend seminars on education, especially there are many on Information and Communication Technology. There, I may be able to find a solution to my curse that home appliances and watches stop working when I touch them--is just a joke. However, I think that I should learn about new technology to improve my skills at school even more. Last year, I attended two seminars: "Information technology and libraries" and "case study (studies?) of children's problems with the Internet". This year, I registered myself with two: "Language education" and a panel discussion by experts in education from foreign countries.