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Sep 24, 2018 00:49 bookclub pachinko
When my sister got on my car, she showed me an English book. It was "The Left Hand of Darkness", one of her favourite books in her whole life. However, like me of two months ago, she's never read the original in English. My story about the book club in Osaka in July in which I met many book lovers motivated her to try to read it.
I showed her the book I'm currently reading: "Pachinko" and talked about what I encountered on the train some days ago. It seemed to frighten her. She said in a quiet voice, trying to show her dislike, "I'll never read that book."
I said: "You may be able to learn what the life is like, working in that industry, when you read it. However, it still remains far, unfamiliar for you, just like a fictional story which you never think it exists in the real world. If you hear from someone like me, knowing what it's like, living called 'Pachinko girl'? Then, you may start knowing and something in real. And I also want to meet people who have less prejudice than Japanese people do. That's why I am going to join the next book club meeting for this book."
She said: "With foreign people, talking about it may be possible. I'll never say anything of that topic among Japanese people. I'll be like a shell."
She looked down at her right hand and made the form to play pachinko. She whispered without seeing me. "I remember I was great at playing pachinko. Dad always praised me. I am now unsure if it happened in real, because I was so little."
I said: "Yes, you were. It was real."
At that moment, I realised that it was our first time to talk about our family business. We'd never bring it up between us. I don't know why.
「これを読んだら、パチンコ業界で働く人の人生について、ちょっとは分かるかもしれない。それでも、読者にとってそれは依然遠い、馴染みのない世界のお話でしょう。つまり、現実の世界に存在するなんて思えない、架空のストーリーのまま。でも、例えば、私みたいな人と出会って、話を聞いたら? 『パチンコ屋の娘』って呼ばれるのはどういう気分なのか、実際に聞いたら、初めて、考え始めると思うのね。現実に存在する人の人生について。それに、私、一度でいいから、偏見のない人と話してみたい。日本人とじゃ無理。だから、次回の読書会に参加するつもりなんだ」