A boy says to a girl, his companion, "Adventures are usually d...

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Jul 23, 2016 19:35
A boy says to a girl, his companion, "Adventures are usually done by a company, not by an individual person. They are always well-made in books or TV dramas. They are in a pre-established harmony, the hero never fails, but our adventure is different."
They are classmates but not so close, jump into a different world together. Only they can cope with the problems that affect the balance of the world of night. Facing up to the last trial, he asks her for a promise. That is never to leave each other without saying anything, and if each of them wants to leave, then to tell so beforehand. He holds her hand and says that he wonders why the hero tends to leave his companion easily when they are going to go into a cave with big snakes or tarantulas. In the fiction stories it will never be a problem, however, he is sure that in the last adventure they will be undergoing, if they do such a thing, they will fail.
I read more than 1000 pages of this book, but now I realize I just wanted to read this part again.
"Even if you find it a small thing, please tell me beforehand. Don't take it too easy, you can tell anything to me."
Maybe I should ask myself if I haven't forgotten something to tell. I feel uneasy because I can't convey my feelings very well to the companion before the small adventure still now.