"It is always difficult to answer the question why I like some...

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Jul 28, 2016 01:42
"It is always difficult to answer the question why I like something. I don't know the reason so I can't explain that", said a student.
For many Japanese people, including me, it is hard to say that we like something or someone, and the more difficult thing is to give the reason. I understood what she meant. I expressed my opinion to her.
You should be able to explain the reason why you like it or dislike it. If you can't give the reason why you like it, people might think you have no opinion. It would definitely be a loss in any relationships. You should learn why you like it. It helps you to understand yourself, what kinds of things you would appreciate. For same, you should think about why you dislike some things. Through doing that, you can find what kinds of things you can't stand and must not allow others to you. It strengthens you.
Then I suggested to talk about our favourite books. She began, "I like this book. Because the description of the world is so vivid and kind of awesome. Any anime or movies can't express the world of this book as clearly as my head does..."
Do you explain the reason when you say that you like something or someone? In Japan, not many people have the skill, however, I think that I should explain more about my thoughts or feelings clearly with showing the adequate reasons.
Thank you for reading this long post!
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