Women in Osaka always have candies in their bags and if they encoun...

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Sep 17, 2018 22:10
Women in Osaka always have candies in their bags and if they encounter someone coughing, on the train, at the hospital, at the city hall, in any place they meet such a situation, they are ready to offer candies from their bags. This is what I experienced several times. I also received a candy when I became sick on the train, and I myself give sweets to strangers without hesitating if they look to be sick.
I live in the Kansai area where the people are known for their cheerful characters. Geographically Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Hyogo, Shiga, Wakayama (and Mie, sometimes) belong to Kansai. I believe that the people in Osaka are the most open and frank. If you travel in Osaka, you would be surprised that the native people never hesitate to talk to you, as a tourist. I live in Hyogo, in a town 50 minutes by train from Osaka.
My friend from the US is currently living in Tokyo. When I said to her that if you cough on the train, female passengers would offer you candies, she didn't believe me at all. She shivered: "Ups, that sounds a bit dangerous. We were taught that we shouldn't receive sweets from a stranger when we were kids."
Her reply surprised me, because as a person born and raised in this area, I never thought of the possibility of that danger. Maybe she is right, but not in Hyogo, Osaka, or Nara. I'm not sure of Kyoto where the native aren't known for their generosity.
After that conversation, my friend visited me in March. We entered a restaurant in Namba, Osaka, for lunch. We were seeing the menu and wondering what "kizami-age" was like. Suddenly a man next to us talked to us explaining, "Kizami-age are a kind of abura-age, but cut into small pieces. I think that they're good on an udon. I recommend!"
After the lunch, we experienced to be suddenly spoken by strangers on the street several times. When we settled in my flat, she said that she now understood what I said: The people around here are very open.
Talking to a stranger, offering sweets to a stranger, are two big features of the native in this area. One German friend said once that Osaka is like Italy. I'm not sure, because I've been there only once for a week. Do Italian also offer candies to a stranger?
「うわっ、それって危なくない? アメリカ人は、子供の時に、知らない人にお菓子をもらっちゃいけませんって教わるよ」
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