Before the Typhoon Hagibis hit Japan, someone said to me that he wa...

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Oct 20, 2019 19:18
Before the Typhoon Hagibis hit Japan, someone said to me that he was impressed by Japanese people's unique attitudes towards nature. He asked at a train station when shinkansen would start again after the typhoon, but no one didn't know the answer. He said that Japanese people had great endurance and attitudes accepting the fate. He even asked me if we learnt that by Buddhism. I finally burst into laughter and answered: It doesn't have anything to do with religious. Refraining from going out of house or not expecting to take a train in typhoon is just a rational way of thinking. I was sorry ruining his dream about exotic Japanese culture. He's from Italy.
Foreigners don't know what to do as a preparation for natural disasters, but even Japanese people don't. I was surprised when my friend living in Tokyo showed me a photo he had taken in a supermarket. The shelves of meats were empty. I wondered what kinds of idiots rushed to buy meats when a huge power blackout was predicted. Maybe they had a cellar to keep meats cool and fresh. On some other photos he captured many people enjoying walking on a river bank right after the river flooded, checking the water level. I couldn't say anything but just shook my head.
When my grandparents learnt a typhoon was coming, they used to cook rice and make as many onigiris as we could survive for a few days. They even emptied the fridge in case of blackout. Granma said that we didn't have to cook during the typhoon. Still now, I prepare for a typhoon this way. I cook a lot, so I wouldn't have to use electricity.
When my brother went to the river to see the water level the next day a typhoon passed, my dad got upset. He said to my brother, "I know you didn't try to swim in the river, but did you think about that the river bank must be loosened, that many garbage and branches would hurt your friends or you? I say to you not because you are a child. I'd say that if you are an adult! You must know those things to protect your life!"
People living in a big city are likely not to have opportunities to learn about nature.
「いいか、お前が川で泳いだりしなかったことは分かっている。でも、お前はちょっとでも考えたか? 地盤は雨で緩んでいる筈だ。押し流されてきたごみや木の枝で、友達やお前は怪我をしたかもしれない。いいか、子供だからこういう注意をしているんじゃない。お前が大人でも同じことを言った。命を守るためにこれくらいのことは知っておけ!」