I know my biggest problem on learning languages is my laziness.

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Aug 20, 2019 22:03 英検 eiken
I know my biggest problem on learning languages is my laziness. In June, I tried Eiken, an English proficiency test, the grade pre-1 for the first time, and failed. Eiken is conducted three times a year, and now it's time to apply to the next trial in October. At the latest trial, one of my students passed it, the grade 3 for his first challenge. I helped him managing him practicing at least three times a week in essay writing, listening and the oral exam. He liked learning vocabulary, so I didn't have to say nothing about it. What annoys me is that I know definitely what to do as a test taker and how to help test takers as a teacher, but I can't do that for myself. I failed the exam, then, it shows my luck of the ability in carrying out things? I don't like that idea. If it were a Japanese test, would I study reluctantly like this? No, absolutely not. I tried to remember how I prepared for Japanese tests when I was a high school student. I naturally learnt it every day, not thinking it was tough at all. I should enjoy learning English as much as I used to do for Japanese. I started preparing for Eiken again. Wish my success! (And I would be grateful, if you could help me with that.)
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