"Are you a Buddhist?" This question always beats me.

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Jan 4, 2017 03:03
"Are you a Buddhist?" This question always beats me. I am not sure if I am a Buddhist. My Family keeps some Buddhist tradition, however, they are just a part of our lifestyle, not a firm religion. Last year I quit reading horoscope online and getting fortune papers at shrines. Since then, I realized how deeply I had depended on others' irresponsible words. I neglected thinking with my head.
Visiting a shrine on New Year Day is an important tradition in Japan. I was reluctant to go. "I have no religion" Now I can say so, but going to a shrine for New Year greetings to the native Gods is still something religious. not just an event.
A friend sent me a mail and he asked me if I had visited a shrine. He was currently living in Japan, and had already experienced the greeting at a shrine. I decided to go to the shrines in a small town where my family had roots. At one of the shrine, I gave old talismans of last year. Walking up along the dark slope under the woods, I still considered, about something like resolution. Somehow I felt I had to swear something for new year.
When I stood in front of the main shrine, my habits moved me. Naturally I rang a bell, bowed twice, clapped twice and lowered my head. My eyes were closed. I was there for a while, filled with a peaceful feeling. I just whispered "thank you" in my head. Suddenly, I realized that I needed someone to say "Thank you for last year, it was one of the best years in my life!".
I tried a fortune paper. It says that I am one of the luckiest persons. I bought a new talisman for this year. I will bring it to Germany.