The temperature around here rises over 30℃ these days, however, I k...

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Jun 18, 2017 00:30
The temperature around here rises over 30℃ these days, however, I keep making hot cocoa at midnight. I know that it is an unhealthy behaviour. I am susceptible to suggestion. I can't decide if it is good or not. However, it is good I'm aware of that. Sometimes I suddenly realize that I have been really into something I shouldn't be interested in, just because someone suggested.
This month I'm listening to an audio version of my favourite book. I have read that book many times but only in a Japanese translation. This audio version was based on the original English text, so it is interesting. If I am writing this post in Japanese, I shall omit the title of this book, but in English man shouldn't do that(maybe). The title is "Once Upon Stilettos". I am repeating the very last part of the book.
The protagonist was in a danger and running alone without a coat in a cold rainy night. Her hero (and my hero) Owen, a powerful wizard, rushed to help her. He even provided her his guest room as a shelter. It was a snow storm outside. He made hot cocoa for her in his cozy kitchen. She kept a secret, but his sincerity moved her and she realized he was reliable enough to share her secret.
Why I would hardly share information about my topics when I use in Japanese is I am a bad storyteller. Readers might not be able to find this story interesting, but I love this story. Every day I listen to this part and make cocoa for myself. I should go ahead, I mean, it is time to try another story.