The Vagina Monologues in Osaka part 4

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Oct 30, 2018 00:19 thevaginamonologues
Some readers might think that I'm a snobbish type when reading my previous entries of this series. It's not true.
I have played roles on stage, of a girl who unconsciously seduces someone else, and also of a man who rapes a girl. My discomfort doesn't connect to expressing sexual things on stage. Why do I hesitate to say some specific words in Japanese on stage, then?
When I tried to play the role of the girl, I watched films of Leslie Caron's and Charlotte Gainsbourg's to study "how to unconsciously be seductive".
When I played the role of the evil guy, I said some specific, definitely dirty words from the lines to abuse a girl. It was challenging to play, because I was a kind of tall actress, but my body was not like one that a male body-builder or a masculine type of actor has. I had to express these elements: violence, sadism and his sexual desire, with my alto voice and my slender female body. I just concentrated myself on finding out how to make it. The hardship of acting wasn't the themes, but just my physical features.
I think that if you study and practice enough, you can play difficult roles which are very different from you. In a real world, I don't think that I'm sexy or seductive at all or I am violent. (Maybe. I once throw a tissue box to my ex husband when I got mad...)

I joined an information session for "The Vagina Monologues" on Sunday. The participants spoke English all the time. I think that I mostly understood what were discussed or told there. I just couldn't find smart comments so quickly, but I followed the conversations. Two participants explained the scripts for the other participants who hadn't read yet. I hadn't yet either. They were very good story tellers, and I was impressed how they told the stories. They said cunt, vagina, or some other words which referred female body parts or sexual experience or sexual desire, etc, however, they didn't sound indecent at all. They talked just frankly and I didn't feel uncomfortable listening to the stories. I thought that inside myself, I had some obstacles to talk about those topics. I am not sure when it started to grow my inner suppression.