When I started working at a restaurant at the age of 19, I was one ...

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Jun 23, 2019 00:46
When I started working at a restaurant at the age of 19, I was one of the worst waitresses in the galaxy. As a child, I didn't eat out with my family very often, so I didn't learn many food that were served at restaurants or bars. I had difficulty taking orders correctly. When I was extremely nervous, I hardly understood what the customers said. After the restaurant was closed, I took one of the sheets of "Today's menu" that were handwritten by the owner chef. Every day he wrote them before he opened his restaurant, because he decided what to serve according to what he purchased at the market in Osaka in the morning. At night, I memorise the menu and practiced saying like "Today we're offering a special menu with terrific German wines. Maybe you would feel like trying this side dish course? What sauce would you like with the roasted beef?"
I also had to practice to open wines with a corkscrew. Two months after I started my part-time job there, I bought a corkscrew. Having one made me feel good. When my friends gathered in my flat, they often brought bottle of wines and I could practice with them.
The owner chef was thinking about how to fire me for the first four weeks. However, when I told him I wanted to quit, that caught him off guard and he found himself trying to convince me to work at least one more month. That's what he told me after I had settled in the restaurant as a veteran waitress. I loved working there.
Since then I have had a corkscrew, not the first one, but always one in a drawer of my kitchen. It reminds me of my days as an apprentice and makes me smile.
I still visit the restaurant every time I go to Nara, and see a college student like me working as a waitress there.