Today I went to a city facility which is 20 minutes away on foot fr...

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Apr 25, 2019 00:51
Today I went to a city facility which is 20 minutes away on foot from our school. I met the ceramic instructor who had taught our students last year. They enjoyed the workshop very much, and I wanted to ask her to give us a ceramic workshop again, but a different type of class for this year. I like her. She is really warmhearted and has natural dignity. Her talk is always a treasure of trove of wisdom, especially her knowledge of botany always fills me with admiration.
She showed me some kinds of herb in the medical herb garden in the facility. Horsetail is generally very disliked, because once it started growing in your garden, you can't remove it very easily. She said that it has a diuretic effect. I had to start laughing loud, saying, "If people ever learn that, nobody would use weed-killer in their garden!" She also showed another herb, fish mint, which is very familiar to me. My grandmothers (I mean grandmothers, because they all did so) used to collect it in summer. You can use the leaves as tea leaves and it's effective to acne and burn. However, it was not until today that I heard that you can collect the leaves in this time of the year.
"Not too early," she said. "And you don't have to wait until the leaves become all dry up. Come, let's have tea."
We took some leaves enough to make tea for one teapot. When I tore leaves, they left a strong aroma on my fingers.
She put the leaves of the two herbs in a teapot and poured hot water onto. The tea smelled slightly sweet, and the taste was so mild and fresh.
"Ah, thank you so much. My students would be jealous, if they hear that I had such a rare tea with you," I said.
She smiled at me and said, "That's your benefit. You're their teacher."
Then, we planned another activity. In June, our students will experience harvesting herb and drinking fresh herb tea. That was a wonderful by-product of today's meeting.
After I got back to the school, the aroma still remained on my fingers and made me relax. It reminded me of my grandmothers and also the instructor. Old wise ladies, I thought.