When I woke up today, I felt stiff on my back and thought: "Th...

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Apr 29, 2019 21:03
When I woke up today, I felt stiff on my back and thought: "That's because I am a physical existence.". And then, I tried to say something similar in Japanese but failed. I figured that this expression was one of the things that you can only say in English. These sentences below are things like that.
"I will miss you."
"You deserve happiness."
"I earned my vacation."
There are no equivalent expressions in Japanese and that's why I love learning languages. You can express things which you would not say or think about in your native language while using foreign languages.
When I talk with my friends using our native languages, I always feel very comfortable. My English or German vocabulary hasn't grown big enough, however, it's fun to express myself differently.
There are things which have not been named in Japanese yet, and it means that we Japanese native speakers have not started to think about them. Racist, sexist, or patriarchy. They definitely exist in Japan too, but the words to indicate them are not used in general. I hope they will be named soon to be able to be questioned.
I believe that things can't exist until they are recognised and defined in our languages.
"That's because I am a physical existence."
"I will miss you."
"You deserve happiness."
"I earned my vacation."
まだ、日本語になっていない概念や事柄があります。つまり、日本人はそれらについて考え始めていないということです。Racist, sexist, patriarchyは日本にも確実に存在しますが、言葉としてはありません。早くそういう概念を指す言葉が一般化してほしいと願います。そうしてやっと、問題としてとらえることが出来ます。物事や概念は、名付けられるまでは存在もせず、認識もされないと思います。
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