Things can't be seen clearly until you open your closed eyes.

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Jul 11, 2016 01:10
Things can't be seen clearly until you open your closed eyes. I sometimes remember one scene from the Narnia books.The dwarfs are sitting on a beautiful green field, but they can't recognize that they're already in a place like a paradise. They refuse to see outsides. If you don't know what things are like, you might not be able to appreciate them, things like happiness, freedom, human rights, and anything which you can take for granted.
If you haven't encountered proper respect from people, how should you show it to others? I think that we, human have a great potential. Somehow you can obtain it and show it to others.
Now I am learning that I should open my eyes. I should expect to see some beautiful, good things in the world. Old fear and sorrows are still in my heart and sometimes make me cry at night, but maybe it is time to leave them behind. I am so happy that I am always smiling and humming. My colleague asked me what happened to me.
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