Everyone seems to have their own stories about knitting, whether ha...

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Sep 20, 2018 23:31
Everyone seems to have their own stories about knitting, whether having tried it or failed.
On Wednesday, I practice English with my friend on Skype. When I said the following sentence, she wasn't sure if what I said was correct or not: "The organizer said that the problem of knitting socks is that you must knit two pieces for a pair of socks."
She was trying to make sure if I understood singular and plural, the difference between a sock and a pair of socks. I think I know that: a pair of shoes, a pair of glasses, a pair of trousers, but you don't say a pair of bras. We lifted our foot and socks to explain to each other through the screens. After that, she started sharing her experience at an airport.
Friend: "I though that it would be a nice idea to knit my stole during my flight. You have to kill your time."
I agreed. It is good to do something productive during a long flight. Wool and knitting needles are light and don't take that much space in your bag. However, I didn't know if it is allowed to bring knitting needles into a plane.
Friend: "It's allowed. However, the security didn't know that."
Me: "Oh, then they took your work away?"
Friend: "No, but she wanted to see how it was made, and without any intentions drew the needles out of it."
Me: "Oh my God! What a disaster!"
Friend: "I don't remember, but I think I screamed. She seemed to feel bad and said sorry. It was my first time to hear a security apologise. Fortunately, I managed to fix it in the plane. I had plenty of time."
That was a horrible story. If you want to ruin a relationship with a knitter, you just take a needle out of their work in progress. You can definitely lose some certain part of their friendship, trust, love, or anything you share with that person.
私がちゃんと単数形と複数形を理解しているかどうか、友達は確認しました。日本語で言えば、一足の靴下と、靴下片方の違い、ですね。多分、分かっていると思います。靴下、靴、眼鏡、ズボンは、a pair ofを使います。ブラは、a pair ofを使いません。a braです。私達はスクリーンの前で、足を上げたり、靴下を脱いで振ったりして、お互いに説明しました。その後で、友達は、空港で経験したことを語り始めました。
私「Oh my God! ひどすぎる!」