I'm working at a correspondence school.

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May 22, 2018 22:55
I'm working at a correspondence school. Basically, students don't have to attend school every day, but some of them come to school to take supplemental classes a couple days a week.
Today I showed them how to log in the websites which provide online courses. They know how to use iPhones, but it doesn't mean they can use laptops. You can see those online courses through a cell phone browser, but laptops are more convenient when you read texts and graphs.
NHK High School Courses provides good courses. They don't require an ID or a password. You can see them for free. My favourite one is PE course with Mitsu Dan. Have you ever heard of her name? If you have, you have a deep interest in Japanese culture. She is a model who is well-known for her sex appeal. A local government once made a public advertising film using her, but due to harsh criticism, they had to give up. Some people said that it demonstrates contempt of women. That film is no longer published (That's what I believe, I am not sure.)
When I found her on the NHK online courses, I clicked the title "Learning with Mitsu Dan, about sexually transmitted diseases and the precaution" without hesitation. The class is much more instructive than I expected and also enjoyable.
I recommended it to my students who are teenagers. They all looked at me with a bored face. They cleverly refrained from a rude comment, but their faces told.
"Teachers always want to lure us into that topic--sex!" That's true. It's a very important topic of life, in my opinion.
I am sure that if they feel like learning with Mitsu Dan, that they can use me as an excuse disguising themselves or their parents; "My teacher recommended that! She said that we should watch that!"
In the online class, I find the comment great: "When you get a new partner, ...before that, you should go check at a clinic."
The lecturer omitted to explain what means "that". It shows his shyness.
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