The Vagina Monologues in Osaka part 3

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Oct 29, 2018 00:19 thevaginamonologues
I once wrote a song text for the melody of "Greensleeves" to sing at a local festival before. I wrote it in Japanese. In English, it was like "Your love letters were all full of clichés, you kissed me in the way you learnt from another girl.". I had a funny experience just like these lyrics.
My ex-boyfriend insisted that he was trying to study Japanese, but I doubted. He wasn't able even to write hiragana after two year Japanese classes at university. So, I was astonished to hear his suddenly speaking one Japanese word. I think that he meant "pussy" with it. I already heard that he had had a Japanese girl friend before me, but still, I didn't feel good. I couldn't decide which to blame, him or that girl. Why did you learn Japanese in that order, "Ohayou(Good morning)", "Arigatou(Thank you)", and then, "Insert you in my XX"? That's all you could learn from your previous relationship? Even if he had been fluent in Japanese, using that word wouldn't have helped much with my....motivation?
The word is also used when men want to abuse women during sex. Maybe that girl learnt it from another guy, who was a Japanese person, and my ex-boyfriend learnt it from that girl, and he expected that the word would provoke me, another Japanese woman. However, he never expected my negative reaction, suddenly sat up on the bed and said with a serious face, "I should tell you now. I don't like that word. Please never say it again, okay?"
That was nothing but a comedy.
「あなたの言った愛の言葉 使い古しだった