I couldn't wait until the weekend, so I read a manga that I bou...

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Oct 19, 2018 00:18
I couldn't wait until the weekend, so I read a manga that I bought today, it's still Thursday night though. Reading a new manga on a weekday has some benefits. First, you can read it in one hour, so it doesn't affect your sleeping time. Second, it gives you new energy to survive the rest of the week!
I am always wanting the protagonists from my favourite mangas to be happy, so I shouted at the protagonist from today's manga, "You're so stupid that you'd dumped him! You should break up with the one you chose!" while snacking.
I don't understand why she chose A, who has been with her more than twenty years but never wanted to divorce for her. I'd choose B, who had already divorced ten years ago and there's no difficulty on their relationship, and this is the most important part--he makes her heart pound. I believe a new love is always better than old ones. I must wait for the sequel published until next year to learn what'll happen to her life.
「あかんあかん! なんでそっちを振るねん! 別れるべきなんは、あんたが選んだ方や!」