Today, I reviewed direct speech and indirect speech in English gram...

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Jul 17, 2019 00:09
Today, I reviewed direct speech and indirect speech in English grammar with one of my students. Another said to him, "Hey J, you're becoming an even more high-spec guy! Your English seems great!" He replied to her with a bitter smile, saying "You are kind to say so, but I think I'm rather a low-spec guy.". She cheered him up saying, "No, you really are! I won't tell a lie! Be confident!"
Their conversation was interesting. "High-spec" has a specific meaning in Japan. I don't know if this expression is used for a person among English speaking people too, but in Japan, you can indicate a guy who is a favourable candidate of marriage. Once there were three important conditions which men should have--high-income, an advanced educational background and high-height which also means good-looking. It used to be called "three high". I am not very familiar with this topic, but I think that nowadays girls are becoming to appreciate other things as well, such as cooking skills or many hobbies. Usually it doesn't include good personality.
I said to J as a joke that he should write down her words as the best compliment from a girl he ever received in his life. Because not many guys can't get that compliment. He laughed and said he would.
They are not in a romantic relationship at all, but they are just friends at school. Friends you can talk to frankly are always precious. So, I was glad to see my students are good friends for each other.
「何言ってんの、ハイスペックだって! 嘘じゃないよ。もっと自信を持ちなよ!」