A Book Club for "The Left Hand of Darkness" Part 2 初めての読書会2

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Jul 29, 2018 23:22 thelefthandofdarkness bookclub
The book club was expected to start at noon, but I was the only one that arrived at the place in time. I gave scones I baked at the previous night to the woman who offered her flat as a meeting place. She also baked a beautiful chocolate cake for vegans. I told her that my scones contained cow milk. This small cultural difference was interesting for me. In Japanese culture, we don't consider much of minorities: vegans, LGBT or foreigners in Japan. I'll bake something for vegan next time.
The participants began to arrive by twos and threes: most of them were women, and only one man. He said that that book was his favourite book in his whole life. A woman sitting next to me was a Japanese person. She looked older than me, because she had an older edition of the Japanese version of that book. The cover was familiar to me, but she bought it at least four years earlier than I did. I brought one, which has another design of cover. I love that book so much and I read it until it gets worn out that I continually buy another new one. I think that the book I brought there is the fourth one I have ever had.
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