My students and I went on a study tour of a municipal institution w...

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Jun 28, 2018 23:30
My students and I went on a study tour of a municipal institution which preserves an old pottery. The place is just fifteen minutes from our school. I walked there with my students singing cheerfully. I have to mention their age. They are all teenagers. I believe that teenagers usually don't sing while walking in the town. However, it was the first time I took them out of school, so they were excited like school kids. I said to them, "Oh, don't sing with a loud voice. If there's a baby, you would bother their sleep." They just laughed a lot.
If you see students outside school, you might look on how the teacher acts to students or to people. I said so to my students, one of them laughed and said, "No, you might be our mother! A very diligent mother!" Another girl asked to him, "what do you mean?" He explained, "We don't look like each other at all, so our fathers are assumed to be different!" I burst into laughter.
The pottery workshop was kind of fun. I believe that they enjoyed the process the most, slamming the clay block on the wooden board and slapping on it to make it flat, into 7 to 10 mm of thickness. I was so happy to see their big smiles. To be honest, I was a bit worried if they could be nice out of school, because they are not always good. It turned out to be a needless worry. The pottery instructor said that their works will be done in two months.
After the workshop, we also enjoyed a short walk in the woods nearby, and then, at the train station, I saw them off.
「そんなことないよ! 先生は、俺らのかあちゃんかもしれないし! めっちゃ頑張ったかあちゃん!」