A friend asked me what kinds of things have become better or worse ...

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Jul 20, 2016 03:08
A friend asked me what kinds of things have become better or worse in my life: "Manche Sachen werden besser, und manche Sachen werden schlechter."
He didn't know what he asked. I couldn't give him any answers. Too many, too big answers came into my head and sparkled like the subtitle of YouTube: "My whole life, I can't believe I am still living now. I can sing, I can dance, enjoy reading books, even study as much as I want (of course I can be lazy)!"
I can say that I'm totally happy now as an individual person, and as an adult. I don't need to be afraid of making someone else mad by doing those things I prefer. I still don't understand why some people never like to see a girl reading a book.
"Knowledge is power" then, they might not hope for her to get power and play a part in the world using her knowledge or skills.
"Shut down your mouth" people say so and punch a poor kid, but it happens not only in movies but also in reality. I don't want to be hit any more just because I read books, I study foreign languages, I look smart(That's ridiculous!).
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