"I know how I look, so I don't need photos of myself"...

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Aug 15, 2016 00:21
"I know how I look, so I don't need photos of myself", said a friend. I was at a loss for a second. I didn't know what to reply to him. His words reminded me of the past myself.
I lived in the Philippines two years ago. When I said like that, my Filipino friends advised me seriously like "You hide your beautiful face in your hair, why do you do such things on yourself!?" or "You should wear tight clothes so that you can show your nice figure!"
I had never thought that I was pretty and I was trying not to think that way. When someone said I was pretty and I believed that, every time as the result, I got involved in a tough situation. I knew I looked weird, but it was needed. I neglected to care about my appearance. Actually my weird appearance was a reflection of my sad mind. I thought I knew how I looked, but it was nothing more than my self-image. The new friends I met in the Philippines found me attractive or pretty. Learning how different people might find me was good for me.
You didn't have to start grooming tomorrow morning. I just want to say that you should probably listen to what people say about you, or you can at least stop thinking that you look like a nerd. I assure you someone finds you nice!
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