A Book Club for "The Left Hand of Darkness" Part 3 初めての読書会3

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Jul 29, 2018 23:36 thelefthandofdarkness bookclub
The discussion started after the self-introducing. I'd never met so many book lovers at a time, so I felt a bit overwhelmed first, but gradually I felt at ease being among them. We had some things in common: book lover, a feminist.
I don't think that I could express how happy I was there.
There are some things that I won't dare to do under the Japanese culture:
Talking about feminism
Coming out that I'm a feminist
Discussing literature and anything else
Even at university, though I went to a women's university, I got to know that one should learn how not to discuss, especially what kinds of themes one must avoid.
I don't remember when I joined an enthusiastic discussion like this. It was totally a new experience.
When I was a school kid, reading this book in English was one of my dreams, but I never expected on me that I could talk about it with other readers in English. Sadly my English wasn't good enough to express all of my opinions, but I think I mostly followed the topics. It was such an inspiring experience.