Some readers already know I am a Japanese teacher, bad at math, and...

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Oct 20, 2018 23:37
Some readers already know I am a Japanese teacher, bad at math, and can't read maps. I don't mean I'm ignoring my weak points.
When I was studying at university, the Japanese department didn't want to accept so many students, so they gave those who wanted to major in Japanese literature and language an exam to screen out. I took that exam. One of the assignment was to draw a map of a fairground attraction by reading a short novel written by Yasunari Kawabata. The angle of the character is very unstable, because she is riding a horse, and the rider and the horse often change their direction circulating in the field. The professor said that you must be able to capture the right information by reading, and told us not to ignore math. I didn't think I drew a wrong map, but still, I wonder why I was accepted.
On more impressive lecture I was given was that you must always be careful what the author omitted, whether consciously or not. You must guess what should be written but wasn't written in the story, and wonder why. Because the character is too young, just a girl, ignorant, too proud, obstructed by their high/low social status? Does it indicate the author's ignorance, prejudiced views from their age, gender, their high/low social status, or so? And what's the effect of not being mentioned that in this story? I sometimes remember this lecture and try to figure out what the government, the media or people don't mention, or want to hide. I sometimes try to guess what my bosses or the people around me don't say in front of me. I find this lecture useful, but maybe that was not so impressive to all the students.