This weekend I was in Nara.

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Aug 7, 2016 23:32
This weekend I was in Nara. I registered myself for classes there to renew my teacher's licence. I will spend some days of my summer and autumn holidays in Nara. Since I lived there for four years, I love Nara. This ancient capital city has always attracted me.
On Saturday afternoon, I left my town and arrived at Nara before six. The sky was still light. I walked into Nara Park. I saw many young deer, and some people putting white plastic cups on the slope near Sarusawaike Pond. They also put some paper lanterns, that were written "Nara Mantoue". I asked a young woman the time candles are lighted. She looked up the sky and replied that it would be seven. I said "Thank you" to her and went to one of my favourite places. It was a small bower that was built in a pond near Kasuga Taisha.
The people were sitting on the ground and waiting for the sunset there. I joined them. The sky became darker little by little. The summer breeze was nice. I felt peaceful. The people's faces showed their expectation. I was watching the colour of the sky and the clouds changing darker. I grasped when I noticed the ceremony of the beautiful candles started. Nobody spoke loud. We all were happy to share the fantastic moment.
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The name of the light ceremony was "Nara Toukae". I am sorry.

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