This morning I got the medical checkup for residents.

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Jun 26, 2017 23:09
This morning I got the medical checkup for residents. I hadn't taken anything since last night, so I was starving in the morning. When I am hungry or tired or sleepy, I get nervous and it's difficult to control my fear. If I can eat before medical checkup, it would be easier for me and doctors.
I don't like medical checkup, especially a stomach examination and giving blood samples. I know it's very foolish, but I've declined stomach examinations for years. I can't swallow barium at all. That makes technologists always angry. I can't stand a gastroscopy without effective anethesia, either. However, I have a strong tolerance of most medicaments, so it also annoys doctors.
Today, I foolishly didn't declare beforehand that I might faint seeing blood. A competent-looks nurse quickly tied my left arm with a rubber band and pricked the big needle. I closed my eyes and started to breathe slowly. She cursed in her mouth and then talked to me with a gentle voice, "It is over soon. Don't worry."
After collecting blood samples, she asked me with a serious face, "You should have declared that you have fainted when you see blood or get an injection. I was worried!"
I was ashamed. I said I will do so next time. Sometimes I am ashamed of myself, because there are too many scary things for me in the world.